Eagle Valley Elementary

Students Share Their Experiences

During the 2015-2016 year, SOLE has undertaken a new way of evaluating student experiences: Photo-Elicitation. During this process, students take photos of what they learned and what they’d like to share with others. This helps us gather students’ perspectives and understand the experiences they have during field trips.

Random Eagle Valley students were selected to participate during their field trip to Highline Lake State Park. See what they experienced here!

Eagle Valley Hikes around Highline Lake State Park

May 10-12, 2016

Highline 031

Eagle Valley Elementary headed out for a 3 day excursion to Highline Lake State Park from May 10th to the 12th. Led by the Ute Springs Experiential Learning Center, the students split into 5 tribes and each tribe worked together to prepare meals and clean up, keep each other safe, and explore the park as a family. Through their tribes, students learned compassion and teamwork.

On their hike around the lake, students learned to build a survival shelter, saw Great Blue Herons, and tried their hands at fishing. We all learned together that skipping stones while waiting your turn to fish scares away all the fish!

Several students in the Highline Lake Devil Wolves Tribe helped Colorado Parks and Wildlife by taking photos then explaining what made each photo special so that staff could understand the field trip from the students’ perspective. Their photos can be viewed here.

Outdoor Excitement at Eagle Valley’s Family Nature Night

April 21, 2016

Eagle Valley students, their families, and SOLE partners joined together for a night of fun, fishing, and other outdoor activities.


Fluffy white clouds painted a blue sky as families enjoyed an evening of nature themed fun with Colorado Parks & Wildlife and our fantastic participating partners: Sylvan Lake State Park, UTE Springs Experiential Learning Center, Walking Mountains Science Center, and SOS Outreach.

 The sun beamed down on Backyard Bass, a fun fishing activity where kids can catch “Bluefin Tuna,” “Goldfish,” and more. As some families cast out their lines, others tested their wildlife trivia knowledge and harnessed incredible teamwork for a fun block-lifting game. Though we teach Leave No Trace principles in our State Parks, traces of animals can be found scattered throughout the forest. Students explored these clues, creating footprints in the sand and investigating scat and skulls. Inside, students gasped with excitement at the opportunity to try archery.

As always, the night culminated with pizza and prizes. Thanks to Cabela’s, many families went home with great outdoor gear such as kids’ tents, sleeping bags, and water bottles. Others won fishing poles, binoculars, and even our grand prize annual State Parks pass!

The only thing better than getting kids outdoors is including the entire family. The SOLE program would like to thank all of our partners, Eagle Valley staff, and everyone else who made this event happen.

Eagle Valley SOLE Students Soar at Sylvan Lake State Park

November 10, 2015

Students from Eagle Valley Elementary ventured to Sylvan Lake State Park last week as part of their first trip within Colorado Park’s & Wildlife’s SOLE program. Two organizations, Sylvan Lake and Ute Springs Experiential Learning Center, partnered with SOLE to create a Colorado-class adventure for the 4th graders.

At Sylvan Lake State Park, they met up with Ranger Travis Long, where they learned about the fur-trapping history within the park, explored the terrestrial landscape, reflected on their experience in journals, and—of course—took some time to have some unstructured exploration of the park and it’s new dusting of snow.

Students finished up the trip by finishing the final details on their biodegradable buddy, their snowman, and thanking Sylvan Lake & Ute Springs Experiential Learning Center for their combined efforts that made this trip an adventure worthy of the yearbook! We can’t wait to see Eagle Valley for their upcoming Family Nature Night this Spring!