Sierra Grande

Fun and Fishing at Sierra Grande’s Family Nature Night

February 25, 2016

Sierra Grande students, their parents, and SOLE partners joined together for a night of fun, fishing, and families.

Students and their families enjoyed an evening of nature themed fun with Colorado Parks & Wildlife and the Fort Garland Museum. As the sun set, families shuffled into the school for pizza and a spectacular round of activities. The auditorium was transformed into a fishing hole and archery range. An archaeology dig site appeared amidst the hallways. Families explored their creative side, embracing the outdoors inside the art room.


Students shouted with delight during Backyard Bass, chuckling as they reeled in a fish (or two!). They gasped with excitement each time they landed an arrow on the target. In the mean time, others showed off their knowledge at our Wildlife Trivia Wheel.

Meanwhile, up and coming archaeologists dug into the past. They inspected an array of items in an attempt to unveil the mystery behind them. Where were they found? Who used them? What were they used for?

As archaeologists excavated and fishermen cast their lines, artists gazed up at the still life display of skulls, pelts, flowers, and snake skin. The patterns found in nature are spectacularly unique. With paint a brush, families were able to appreciate the shape of a pronghorn’s antlers and the spots of a bobcat’s fur.

The night culminated with prizes! Anticipation filled the air as Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff drew raffle numbers. In the end, many families went home with awesome outdoor gear and even an annual State Park pass!

Thank you to everyone who made this night a success! We could not have done this without the Sierra Grande teachers, Fort Garland Museum, Southwest Region Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff, and all of the families who participated. Family Nature Nights are a part of every SOLE school experience, and offer students exciting ways to connect with outdoor recreation and education opportunities in our state.