Achieve Academy

Achieve Explores the Outdoors at Family Nature Night

May 18, 2016

SOLE-Achieve Academy Thornton-6011

Achieve Academy had their first ever Family Nature Night on Wednesday, May 18th, with activities placed throughout the school. They first encountered Bird Conservancy of the Rockies and learned to use binoculars to look for adaptations before heading down stairs to meet the rangers from Barr Lake State Park and try their hand at History Colorado’s BINGO game. Outside, students lined up for their free parks passes to any National lands courtesy of the National Forest Service and National Park Service, then practiced casting with Cabela’s. Tucked away in the gym, A&H Adventures introduced students to archery. There was also free pizza and prizes to be won in the cafeteria! See you next year Achieve!

Life on the Plains

April 8, 2016

Achieve SOLE students traveled back in time, walking in the shoes of both Native Americans and early settlers, with the Plains Conservation Center. What was life like on the plains in 1887?


It’s 1887. Cheyenne camps grace the plains and tipis tower over the vast horizon. Homesteaders are heading west, trekking alongside their wagons and creating settlements from sod.

Achieve students rode across the plains on an open wagon, traveling to an 1887 homesteader settlement. Before anything, students had to complete their chores. They helped the early settlers carry firewood and learned a bit about blacksmith shops. Once the work was done, students shuffled into a one room schoolhouse. Behavior expectations were much different back then— all hats off and ladies first. Children who spoke out of turn were punished, although today’s “punishments” sparked giggles throughout the room. Finally, the students got to play! Many historic games and toys awaited.

In the afternoon, the students stepped into a neighboring Cheyenne camp. They explored tipis, created cordage from natural supplies, and even got the opportunity to make fry bread.

In the afternoon, the students stepped into a neighboring Cheyenne camp. They constructed a tipi, created cordage from natural supplies, tried their hands at a bow & arrow, and even got the opportunity to make fry bread.

Flash back to the present. Our SOLE students had such a wonderful time with Plains Conservation Center! We hope that, by exploring this ecosystem and learning the history behind it, they can develop a deeper appreciation of our Colorado plains.

 Achieve Elementary Explores Colorado’s History

December 7, 2015

The winter months are a great time for our SOLE schools to visit the History Colorado center…and last week was when Achieve Elementary students were able to explore hands-on what makes our state so unique.

Filing off of the bus and into History Colorado, students were eager to visit each exhibit! As with most our other SOLE students who visit, the “Sunnyside Mine” and “Dust Bowl” were their favorites. By bringing SOLE students to History Colorado, we hope their fascination with Colorado’s history will connect with their love to our unique landscapes and wildlife. The SOLE team looks forward to a busy winter season with History Colorado, as we will be taking our Denver metro area schools there all throughout the winter months!

Stompin’ Around Staunton State Park

October 9, 2015

SOLE students from Achieve Academy explored the terrestrial and aquatic environments offered at Staunton State Park early this October. 4th graders learned the basics of wildlife, casting & fishing techniques, macro-invertebrate studies, and of course, a little time to drop a line in the water and hope for some bites! Achieve Academy got to experience this beautiful mountain park in the height of autumn, which made for great naturalist discussions on the way to the outdoor classroom: Davis Ponds.

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