Achieve Academy

Family Nature Night at Achieve

March 16 2017 

Achieve Academy hosted Family Nature Night for all their 3rd-5th grade families. Students enjoyed all the Partners and activities that the night had to offer.

Archery in the gym was a big hit! Even backyard bass was hopping outside.

Look at how much fun everyone had!

Thanks to all our partners and Achieve Academy Staff that helped make this night a so fun!

M is for Mining

January 27, 2017 


Colorado Parks and Wildlife Staff are at Achieve Academy to explore what makes mountain ecosystems to important.

Students first work together to create a mountain ecosystem of their own using markers and a poster. Their ideas are very thoughtful and creative. One group made a river full of  trout to maintain a healthy food chain. Another group added butterflies, insects are a huge part of the ecosystem. What do butterflies do to help the ecosystem? They pollinate!

What kind of skull is this? It has sharp teeth, its pretty large too. The students all raise their hands with unconstrained excitement. “A BLACK BEAR!”, one eager students blurts out when he is called on.

Next, students explore what it means to mine in the mountains by mining for chocolate chips in cookies. The cookies symbolize the land and how it ends up being demolished if mining gets too out of hand. The students gained knowledge of mining while enjoying a cookie!

Everyone enjoyed the afternoon! Thanks to Achieve Academy Staff and Colorado Parks and Wildlife for an educational time.

Welcome back to SOLE!

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