Centennial Elementary

Experiencing CU South Denver

April 18, 2017 


On a beautiful Spring day, Centennial Elementary began a trip to CU South Denver for a day of fun learning about adaptations.


What is an adaptation? The 4th graders soon learn that an adaptation is a unique quality that a species develops in order to survive. We humans have adapted opposable thumbs to help us pick things up and use tools. What would happen if we lost our thumbs? The students were able to experience just that in a game…

One of the CU South Denver Volunteers, Dot, shows the students different animal adaptations. The skunk has adapted by being easily spotted so predators know to stay far away, where the arctic fox has adapted to not be seen by predators.

The students get a treat when they bring out a live bull snake. Bull snakes have  adapted to look and act like rattlesnakes so they trick unwanted quests. The students all get a chance to feel the snake and are surprised that it is not slimy!

Next students journeyed through the globeology  room where they experienced all the different habitats around the world. Speaking of adaptations, all the different animals they see have adapted to their habitat in order to survive. Which habitat would you like to adapt to?

Students eat lunch while watching the Magic Of The Big Blue Movie on the big screen. What a great way to wind down the day!

Thanks to all the CU South Denver Volunteers and Centennial Staff for creating such a perfect day for the 4th Graders!

Centennial Journeys Through Keota, San Luis Valley, the Dust Bowl and a Mine Town at History Colorado

December 14, 2016


 The Fourth grade class of Centennial Elementary enjoyed all the festivities that awaited them at History Colorado.

Most students wouldn’t imagine doing chores during a field trip, but this field trip had the fourth graders enjoying their work at the Keota Township. Here students had a chance to see what life was really like for the people who lived in this town.

Students love the Dust Bowl house, a stimulating experience where you actually feel like you are in a house going through a dust storm. although the presentation only lasts 7 minutes, dust storms back then would last for over 8 hours.

Mining is a huge part of Colorado history and so very important for students to understand why so many risked their lives for this job. Students went through a mine and learned stories and scenarios of what it was like to work in a mine.

San Luis Valley is a very interesting historical site due to its Spanish background and culture. Students gathered around a massive map of the town and passed around Spanish artifacts that were and maybe still are used in San Luis.

Centennial Staff and Students had a great time this day! Thanks to History Colorado Staff for making this experience so special!


Family Nature Night kicks-off at Centennial Elementary

September 13, 2016 

Wide-eyed students marched their parents into the doors at Centennial Elementary eager to see what Family Nature Night had to offer.  They were greeted by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife SOLE team and smell of warm pizza as they were presented with raffle tickets for a chance to win amazing prizes thanks to Cabelas.


Where to go next?  Students could go learn archery in the gym or head outside to Backyard Bass and learn how to cast. The elusive Plastic Yard Bass, although non-native to Colorado, is a perfect practice fish for kids.


Many of our terrific partners participated in the night’s event by bringing an assortment of activities and critters. One of the stars of the night was Rosie the Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula from the Butterfly Pavilion. At first, students were very timid around her, but by the end of the night they learned to love and respect the amazing arachnid.

Students beamed at the chance to make their own t-shirts provided by Barr Lake State Park. Hopefully we’ll see some kids sporting them on their SOLE funded field trips this year.

Other partners that provided fantastic interactive activities were The National Park Service, Rocky Mountain Arsenal/ USFWS, The Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK), History Colorado, Lookout Mountain Nature Center, A&H Adventures, Eldorado Canyon State Park and Cabelas.  

Finally, families gathered in the cafeteria for pizza and raffle selection. Many amazing prizes were handed out that we hope students will enjoy while they outside experiencing nature. The SOLE program would like to thank all of our partners, Centennial Elementary staff, and everyone who made the night a great hit!

Welcome to SOLE, Centennial Elementary!

The SOLE team would like to welcome Centennial Elementary to our 2016-2017 program. Check back in for updates, photos, stories, and more.