Clyde Miller P-8

Let’s Learn About the Past!

January 10, 2017

The 4th graders at Clyde Miller P-8 had their first field trip of 2017 at History Colorado Museum. From Mesa Verde to San Luis and Bents Fort, they were able to experience what life was like back before cell phones and even plumbing.


How many gallons a day to you use? With a water chart students were able to see how many gallons of water they use in comparison to the people of Mesa Verde. We probably use well over 50 Gallons of water a day, the people of  Mesa Verde only used 2.5 gallons. I bet we can find ways to cut back on our water usage just like the people of Mesa Verde did.

Students also got to pretend to be from the Keota settlement and do chores just like they used to. These chores included milking the cow, collecting eggs from the chickens, and going to the market.

Trading goods was another task that the people of the past had to do in order to survive. At Bents fort, the students had a good time trying to trade for the good they needed.

Colorado’s history is fascinating and the students of Clyde Miller enjoyed learning and spending their day there. A special thanks to the History Colorado Staff and Clyde Miller Staff that made the day possible.

Clyde Miller’s First Family Nature Night is a Hit

October 19, 2016 

With 11 new SOLE schools this year, we are never sure what kind of turn out we might get at the Family Nature Nights. The time is 5:25 pm with only 5 minutes to spare until the doors open. Pizza boxes stack up on the cafeteria tables, SOLE partners at the ready with their activities set out on their tables, and backyard bass and archery set-up in the gym. Clyde Miller’s Family Nature Night is ready to start… but where are the families?


5:32 and the flood gates open! Fourth graders and their siblings and parents cram into the school entrance and SOLE Staff welcome them and pass out raffle tickets in hyper drive.

The hallways quickly came alive as the families migrated from the History Colorado table where they played Colorado bingo to the Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK) table where students had to guess what animals fur they were feeling.

The gym was full of energy while some students tested their fish casting, others tried archery for the first time!

Morrison Nature Center was a hit with the students as they were able to make their very own bug antenna headbands. Students were able to understand how important bugs are to our way of life.

On the way to the cafeteria, students were able to color a a picture and make a shirt from Barr Lake State Park.

Students wearing their antennas and handmade t-shirts gathered into the cafeteria for the outdoor raffle sponsored by Cabela’s. Many lucky students left with outdoor equipment such as fishing poles, a tent and a camping chair!

With the pizza demolished and the prizes distributed, the families were free to spend the rest of the night with our partners. While some tried identifying birds with the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, others fled to the National Park Service where they were given Every Kid in a Park Passes.

We are so excited with the night’s turn out of families and the support from the Clyde Miller Staff. The night couldn’t have been done without them or the support from all of our partners who made it out for the night.


Thank you Clyde Miller, we look forward to this year with you!

Welcome to SOLE, Clyde Miller!

Clyde Miller P-8 became a SOLE school upon receiving the GOCO School Yard Initiative grant.


The School Yard Initiative (SYI) aims to create school grounds that inspire more active physical play and enhance learning about nature and the environment. SYI grants support schools and local governments in constructing outdoor spaces where kids have frequent opportunities for unstructured play and outdoor learning. Schools awarded 2016 and 2017 grants also become partner schools with SOLE.