Edison Elementary

Students Share Their Experiences

May 23, 2016

During the 2015-2016 year, SOLE has undertaken a new way of evaluating student experiences: Photo-Elicitation. During this process, students take photos of what they learned and what they’d like to share with others. This helps us gather students’ perspectives and understand the experiences they have during field trips.

Random Edison students were selected to participate during their field trip to Staunton State Park. See what they experienced here!

Edison Explores Pond Life at Staunton State Park

May 23-24, 2016


Swimming along in Staunton State Park, creatures of all sizes lurk beneath the pond’s surface. Fish splash as they feast on insects along the surface. Macroinvertebrates meander about the mud, hiding beneath stones and squirming through algae. Above the water, bald eagles patrol the skies.

Every creature here is an essential part of the pond ecosystem- even the mosquitoes!

Edison SOLE students explored all parts of pond life, scooping up the smallest visible creatures and peering at them through magnifying glasses. After investigating insects, they dissected real fish- a unique opportunity to explore the similarities and differences between our own mammalian bodies.

As the afternoon rolled around, students enjoyed some relaxation by the pond. They cast our their fishing lines, waiting patiently for a bite… Many were successful! Catch and release fishing was a wonderful way for students to gain an up close appreciation for these valuable aquatic creatures.

Back on land, students skipped through the forest on a short hike. The sweet aroma of Ponderosa pines filled the air. Birds chirped from hidden branches and squirrels scurried beneath the trees.

Whether you prefer hiking, fishing, birding, or picnicking, Colorado State Parks are a fantastic place to enjoy the outdoors!


Urban Explorers: History Gone WILD in the City

April 7-8th, 2016

Edison students hiked, bused, ran and rolled their way across the city as they learned about the lives and legacies of some of Denver’s most famous (and infamous) figures in history.  The Schools and Outdoor Learning Environments (SOLE) program is proud to provide buses for the fourth graders for their overnight field experience with Denver History Tours and History Colorado at the Grant-Humphrey Mansion. While touring Mayor Robert Speer’s contributions to the City Beautiful movement at the turn of the twentieth century, wildlife was seen splashing and scurrying in the park among the immobilized statues and fountains. Glimpses of fish could be spotted beneath the boards of the floating bandstand on Ferril Lake as cormorants, Canada Geese and mallards flew overhead. They even spotted a few statuary creatures we no longer see in Colorado by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science! After a full day of exploration, our happy explorers settled down for some shut eye after a tour of the historic and regal mansion, complete with a ballroom, stage and historic bowling alley. To complete their experience combining outdoor exploration and historic/ civic based learning, day two had them exploring our capitol building and the Ralph Carr Judicial Center. This was one adventure Edison students will be sure to remember!

Edison Goes Back in Time!

January 15, 2016

As part of the Schools and Outdoor Learning Environments (SOLE) program, the fourth graders got to visit the History Colorado Center and learn about how people and the environment in Colorado has changed over the years. They discovered how drought and grasshoppers affected the lives of many on the plains in Southeastern CO during the Dust Bowl, the effects of mining on the health, economy and landscapes in many mountain towns and how life used to be in the 1920’s rural towns. From purchasing supplies in the General Store to checking out the features and adaptations of bison, all of the students enjoyed the fun exhibits throughout the museum. With more than three floors of exhibits it wasn’t possible to see it all in the two hours, so a return to History Colorado is a must. Especially in the winter, it is a great place for the whole family to explore on a chilly Saturday!

Family Nature Night at Edison Elementary

September 30, 2015

Edison students, their parents, and outdoor partners from all across the state joined together for a night of fun, fishing, and families in nature-oriented activities.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife, along with fantastic participating partners such as Denver Botanic Gardens, Cabelas, History Colorado, and others came together to offer Edison Elementary families a variety of outdoor-related activities.

The night’s itinerary included casting training, archery, Colorado-themed Twister, trivia, pizza party, a prize drawing that gave away fantastic outdoor gear from Coleman, Cabelas, & Colorado State Parks, and more! Family Nature Nights are a part of every SOLE school experience, and offer students exciting ways to connect with outdoor recreation and education opportunities in our state. For more information, contact your SOLE participating school or contact us here .

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