Eiber Elementary

Bringing the Outdoors Inside at Eiber’s Family Nature Night

March 17, 2016

Eiber students, their families, and SOLE partners joined together for a night of fun, nature-themed festivities!

Congratulations to our grand prize winners! This family won a $70.00 gift certificate to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. This amount can cover an annual State Parks Pass or, if they choose, plenty of fishing and camping adventures!


Students and their families enjoyed an evening of nature themed fun with Colorado Parks & Wildlife and our fantastic participating partners: History Colorado Center, Wildlife Experience, Cabela’s, Bear Creek Lake Park, and Lookout Mountain Nature Center.

The evening was filled with an array of exciting, educational activities. With a looming snowstorm on the horizon, we brought the outdoors inside. Students cast out their lines to reel in fish at our Backyard Bass activity and gasped with excitement at the opportunity to try archery— many even hit the bull’s-eye!

There was so much to learn from our amazing partners. Families worked together to solve wildlife trivia, identification, and fun matching games. Meanwhile, some guests enjoyed a game of Colorado History bingo. Animal tracks graced the night, provoking mysteries and providing inspiration for a track-themed game of Twister. Many students even went home with their own animal track casts!

As always, the night culminated with pizza and prizes. Many families won fantastic outdoor gear, History Colorado tickets, and even a State Parks Pass. We hope that our Family Nature Night has inspired a love for nature and a yearning to get outdoors!



 Eiber Explores at Bear Creek Lake Park

February 10, 2016

Eiber students became local wildlife experts at Bear Creek Lake Park! They explored the Visitor’s Center; learned how to identify animal tracks, skulls, and scat; and experienced what it’s like to be a hungry coyote.

Upon entry, students gasped in delight at the array of animal specimens on display. They were prompted to pick one animal and share information about it with their classmates. With so many options available, students struggled to choose! In the end, the carnivores won out. The black bear and mountain lion were popular, but squirrels certainly weren’t overlooked.

The students were brilliant! With so much knowledge shared, who’d have thought we had even more to learn? Little did they know that the back room was filled with pelts, skulls, scat, and tracks. The students showed off their skills again, matching each object to one animal. How could you possibly tell the difference between coyote and mountain lion poo? What about their tracks? It turns out that it’s quite easy upon close inspection! But don’t worry, parents— most scat samples were fake.

What better way to spend a beautiful, sunny day than to play outdoors? Students had a blast playing games that represent how ecosystems function. Some kids were deer while others played the role of food, water, and shelter. In the next game, students hopped around like rabbits and howled like coyotes! The games are all about balance. Our wildlife can’t live if there is too little or too much of anything.

What a wonderful field trip to connect kids with our local wildlife. We look forward to seeing Eiber students again next month! Keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming photos of an in-class History Colorado presentation in March.

 Eiber SOLE Students: Receiving the Gift of the Great Outdoors

December 16, 2015

Eiber Elementary students were able to visit History Colorado…but this field trip had a unique twist on it. There has been a federal effort called Every Kid in a Park  with a misson to connect fourth graders and their family members to national lands. As many of our SOLE Partners are federal organizations, we thought Eiber students would benefit from meeting these great partners who can connect them with more outdoor opportunities. Upon meeting with the Every Kid in a Park federal partners, each Eiber student received their free pass to explore national lands!

After receiving their free Every Kid in a Park pass, Eiber students continued with the regular History Colorado field trip visit..always a favorite!

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