Murphy Creek

Murphy Creek Takes a Walk Through Time

April 29, 2016


As snow fell from dreary skies, Murphy Creek SOLE students traveled through time at the History Colorado Center. Students explored the trials and tribulations of life in the past: building, traveling, farming, droughts, and dust. With question cards in hand, students searched for examples of natural resources scattered throughout the exhibits. Among their favorites were sandals made from yucca plants and pottery made from clay.

Afterwards, students headed downtown for a walking tour of Union Station. They gazed up at the station’s spectacular decor before braving the snow outside for a complete historic tour. Bouncing from building to building, the class viewed photos of Downtown Denver from the 1800’s. They even learned where underground tunnels were built… and still exist today!

Understanding Colorado’s history is an important piece of appreciating what we have today. Thank you to our amazing partner, History Colorado, for shedding some light on the past!

 Making Memories at Family Nature Night

April 6, 2016

Murphy Creek students, their families, and SOLE partners joined together for a night of fun, fishing, and other outdoor activities.


Murphy Creek students and their families enjoyed an evening of nature themed fun with Colorado Parks & Wildlife and our fantastic participating partners: Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, The Wildlife Experience, Cabela’s, History Colorado, Cherry Creek State Park,  and the City of Aurora Morrison Nature Center.

The evening was filled with an array of exciting, educational outdoor activities. Students shouted with delight during Backyard Bass fishing practice and gasped with excitement at the opportunity to touch a snake. Outside, bird photos graced the building- binoculars were the only way to identify them. Inside, students explored wildlife pelts, tested their wildlife trivia skills, tried their hands at archery, played Colorado history bingo, and dressed up as our state mascots.

The night culminated with pizza and prizes! Many families won fantastic outdoor gear from Cabela’s, History Colorado tickets, and even a State Parks pass.

The only thing better than getting kids outdoors is including the entire family. The SOLE program would like to thank all of our partners, Murphy Creek staff, and everyone else who made this event happen.


We look forward to seeing Murphy Creek again on their upcoming field trips!

A SOLE Experience to Castlewood Canyon State Park

One of the great benefits of being a SOLE school is that students can go on a field trip to one of Colorado’s 42 amazing state parks! In the fall of 2015, Murphy Creek SOLE students visited Castlewood Canyon State Park. Before many of our schools embark on their state park visit, the SOLE staff hosts an in-class presentation to go over basic park etiquette, how to prepare for a hike, and to answer any questions about what kind of wildlife live in the park!
Take a peek at our in-class program with Murphy Creek SOLE students!