Peiffer Elementary

Family Nature Night at Peiffer Elementary

May 17th, 2017

Peiffer Family Nature Night_5.17.17_Photo by Eric (2)

Last week, the hallways at Peiffer Elementary echoed with the sounds of enthusiastic families enjoying SOLE Family Nature Night. Students were quizzed on their wildlife knowledge and tried their hand at archery and casting at Backyard Bass. Hands-on exploration was the theme as students’ explored invertebrates with the Butterfly Pavilion, Colorado’s state flag with History Colorado, crawdads with South Platte Park, bird beaks with Audubon, and animal tracks with Lookout Mountain Nature Center.

Peiffer Family Nature Night_5.17.17_Photo by Eric (62)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife had an amazing time bringing the outdoors “in” at Peiffer’s Family Nature Night. The smiles and positive energy carried throughout the evening.

Peiffer Family Nature Night_5.17.17_photo by Eric (120)

Lookout Mountain Nature Center’s Animal Track Twister had students giggling as they tied themselves up in knots.

The smiles says it all! The families loved playing in the water and exploring South Platte Park’s crawfish.

With Audubon Society of Greater Denver, students used their inner “bird brain” to forage for a tasty snack with beak shaped tools. The sour gummy worms were a hit!

Peiffer Family Nature Night_5.17.17_photo by Eric (99)

Roxborough State Park provided helpful tips on how to deter wildlife while hiking with only a soda can and miscellaneous nuts and bolts.

The prize drawing had students walking away with tents, camping chairs, binoculars, fishing poles and more! A few luck families won an Annual State Park Pass and History Colorado passes.

We would like to thank our amazing partners, volunteers and the amazing staff at Peiffer Elementary who made the night such a success

Thank you Cabela’s, A&H Adventures, Audubon Society of Great Denver, Butterfly Pavilion, History Colorado, Roxborough State Park, South Platte Park, and Lookout Mountain Nature Center!


The Grass Isn’t Always Greener…

January 24th 2017 


Sometimes we need a reminder that we have it made in 2017. Peiffer Elementary fourth graders were reminded this when they went to History Colorado and learned about how people used to live in the past.

Chores on a field trip? Here at History Colorado, you have to do your chores before you can play, but luckily for the students, the chores were different than they are used to. One group of kids milked the cow and gathered eggs, while another went to the general store to get ingredients for a pie. Sounds pretty good, until you think about how bumpy the car ride is when there are no paved roads.


If that wasn’t enough work, the students traveled to Mesa Verde where they experience what a typical day was like to the natives. They had to be cautious not to use too much water, because it was scarce in the mesa and they needed to keep their  children and the turkeys alive. the students wish they had a running shower about now.


Not a dust shower! The fourth graders are now in the age of the Dust Bowl, when times were seriously hard. Without proper farming methods and the lack of rain, the prairie is a waste land. Dust stormed surge the land and the fourth graders realize that people had to make choices that meant life or death.


When people left the plains, they went to the mountains where they became miners. This way of life was hard too, for they only had candlelight in the mines and could hardly see anything. The students work hard mucking, drilling and blasting through the silver mine. They are careful because they know a small mistake could mean serious injury or death.


This field trip has been a lot of hard work! I think its time for a game! The students play Loteria at San Luis to learn about all the objects people used. Loteria is just like bingo, so the students catch on fast. What does this object do?


At Bent’s Fort the students learned how trading objects made a better quality of life and also helped you survive.

As the Peiffer students head to the bus, you bet they feel lucky about their own lives. We do have it pretty easy now!

Thanks to the History Colorado Staff and Peiffer Elementary Staff for making this a great day!

Bats Program Takes Flight at Peiffer

January 11, 2017



Peiffer Elementary welcomed the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) staff to come teach the fourth grade about bats and how they have adapted to survive.

As the fourth graders sat on the floor, eager to learn, Erin Kendall from CPW told them about how amazing bats are. Through their physical and behavioral characteristics, bats have adapted to survive, making them the largest population of mammals in the world.

the students learned about the food chain by playing a game where most students were mosquitoes and only a handful of students were bats. What would happen if there were no bats? Mosquitoes would overpopulate the Earth.

Some students got to live out their dream of becoming Batman…. well they got to dress up like a bat, but they still had a cape!


By the end of the day, Peiffer Fourth Graders earned a deeper understanding of bats and what biological adaptations are and how important they are for all species to have.

Special thanks to CPW Staff and the Peiffer Staff for hosting a great event.

Welcome back to SOLE!

We are excited to welcome your school back to the 2016-2017 SOLE program. Check back for updates, photos, stories, and more.