Pinnacle Charter Academy

Family Nature Night Fun at Pinnacle Charter

April 6, 2017

Pinnacle Charter Elementary welcomed students and their families to a night filled with wildlife games, archery, fish casting and pizza!


Thanks to our partners History Colorado, Butterfly Pavilion, Lookout Mountain Nature Center, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, and A&H Adventures for providing fun activities for the students and their families.

What Year Is It?

February 1, 2017 

History Colorado welcomes the fourth graders at Pinnacle Charter for a field trip full of exploration and whimsy.

We take an invisible time machine back to when the Homestead Act was intact in 1876, to a town called Keota. Students experience what life was like for the farmers who worked hard to make ends meet.

The Dust Bowl changed everything in 1934 . When nothing can grow what is a farmer to do?


It looks like the time machine is broken and it takes us way back to the 1840’s. Bent’s Fort has a little more energy, the students had to think quickly about trading goods. This was a common thing for people to do in order to stay alive.

The students had fun going back in time. Thanks to the History Colorado Staff and Pinnacle Staff for all your hard work and time.


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