Riverdale Elementary

Riverdale’s Day at History Colorado

January 23, 2017 


The History Colorado Museum is a magical place where students and adults experience the past. Riverdale Elementary School 4th Graders were a part of the nostalgia during their recent field trip.


Here in the rural town of Keota, the students became citizens of the town and finished chores that they would dream of doing today, like retreating water from a well.

Next, the students went to the dust bowl, where they sought out refuge in a small cottage from a massive dust storm. Life was hard back in those times.

life was also difficult for the miners back when silver was in demand. Students experienced the dark gloomy caves that miners worked in.

It appears our present day lives are much more comfortable than the lives of the past.

Thanks to the History Colorado Staff and Riverdale Staff for the fun day!

Welcome to SOLE, Riverdale Elementary!

The SOLE team would like to welcome Riverdale Elementary to our 2016-2017 program. Check back in for updates, photos, stories, and more.