Roxborough Intermediate

Roxborough Intermediate Throws Family Nature Night 

April 19, 2017


Roxborough Intermediate welcomed students and their families to a night filled with wildlife games, archery and pizza!


With partners like the Butterfly Pavilion and History Colorado lining the hallway, students could hardly decide where to go first. South Platte Park surprised families with their crawdads and dragonfly nymphs. Most students could hardly contain their excitement while handling these critters.

The Audubon Society of Greater Denver provided a fun game where students chose a “beak” and had to pick up their own food. A popular food item for the “birds” was the ever-abundant Swedish Fish, YUM!

Outside, Cabela’s was host to Backyard Bass where students perfected their casting skills.

Lookout Mountain Nature Center provided another fun game, Track Twister. Left Paw, Red! Right Hoof, Yellow!

Students ran up to pick their prizes with mouths stuffed full of pizza during the raffle. One lucky family even got to go home with a Annual State Parks Pass!

Thanks to Roxborough Int. Staff, Our Partners and amazing Volunteers who helped make the night one to remember!

Roxborough Bounds Backward Through Time at History Colorado

February 14, 2017

Calibrate your time machines. Fasten your seat belts. We are bounding backward through Colorado’s history, exploring the towns and pueblos of Colorado’s past.


More than 800 years ago, the Ancestral Puebloans inhabited Mesa Verde’s cliffs. Roxborough students roamed the exhibit freely, testing their skills at weaving cordage and hauling water to give to the turkeys. This was no easy task, especially when there are rattlesnakes to look out for!

Flash forward 700 years. In 1880, settlers established the small town of Keota. Though they built a general store and schoolhouse, life was far from easy. Our SOLE students learned the value of hard work as they collected eggs and hand cranked our favorite novelty treat: ice cream.

The year 1930 arrived, bringing with it a massive drought and hardships to follow. Grasshoppers swept the plains and dust flooded the horizon. Inside our shelter, the lights flickered out. Despite the storm, the brave Roxborough students never stopped smiling.

Thank you to Roxborough staff and our wonderful partners at History Colorado. SOLE couldn’t do this without you!

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