Roxborough Intermediate

Roxborough Celebrates Their Certified Wildlife Habitat

May 19, 2016


On May 19th, Roxborough Intermediate School had a celebration to honor all of the hard work students had put into building a nature trail and a Certified Wildlife Habitat according to the guidelines set by the National Wildlife Federation. There were bird baths for water, native plants for food and cover, and bird boxes that were already occupied by protective Violet and Green Swallows and Western Bluebirds. Students also crafted stepping stones for the first leg of their trail, which will be completed as future classes add their stones as well. The mission of SOLE is to connect kids to the outdoors and we are so proud of Roxborough students for taking the initiative to bring the outdoors to their own school for themselves and future generations of students.

Family Nature Night at Roxborough Intermediate

May 4, 2016

Roxborough students, their families, and SOLE partners joined together for a night of fun, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

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Roxborough Intermediate School had their Family Nature Night on a beautiful May 4th. Students tried their hand at bass fishing with Cabela’s, archery, and then visited activities from local outdoor partners. Carson Nature Center brought their crustaceans and snapping turtles for students to see up close and personal. History Colorado had students pose with props to celebrate some of the symbols that make Colorado special. Chatfield and Roxborough State Parks brought animal artifacts for families to explore and ran the wildlife trivia wheel. Bear Creek Lake Park brought a pollinator activity and allowed families to taste test larvettes. The Audubon Society of Greater Denver brought tools for kids to discover how birds use their beaks to get their food. Finally, the Forest Service brought passes for every fourth grader and their family to visit any federal lands for a year. It was a great night to learn new skills and try our neighbors’ activities.

Traveling Through Time at History Colorado

February 17, 2016

SOLE students traveled through time and down mines,  journeying through the History Colorado Center to explore our state’s past.

It’s 1840. Students trekked south across the prairies to Bent’s Fort. They learned the importance of trading, types of vital trade items, and got experience in the marketplace with interactive trading cards. Meanwhile, one class played a bingo-like game called Loteria and others descended into Sunnyside Mine.

Suddenly, it was 1918 and students found themselves on the High Plains of a small town called Keota. Each student gained a new identity- in order to thrive, they had to take on that identity’s role and contribute to the community… In other words, chores! The students didn’t mind today’s tasks: collecting eggs, pumping water, and buying goods from the general store. If kids today could drive to the market in an old Model T Ford, chores might be a lot more fun nowadays!

Fast forward to the 1930’s. The Dust Bowl reared its ugly head and grasshoppers swarmed the land. The lights went dark and the wind began to howl. All of a sudden, a massive wall of dust overtook the horizon. After many minutes of chaos the storm ceased and the lights flickered on.

Present Day: We had a blast with our Roxborough SOLE students! The best part? Every student received a buff cuff— this special pass allows each student to visit once more with a parent, free of charge. Thank you to History Colorado Center for another great field trip!

We look forward to our upcoming Family Nature Night on May 4th. See you then!

 Roxborough SOLE Students Field Trip to Staunton State Park

October 1, 2015

Roxborough Intermediate kicked off their Fall 2015 semester with a trip to Staunton State Park where they learned all about fish, casting, and the basics of rod & reel fishing. Instructed by Angler Education Coordinator Howard Horton, students soaked up the Colorado afternoon sunlight fishing for trout, and were lucky enough to take home their very own rods courtesy of Great Outdoors Colorado!

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 A Day With The Birds

Later in September, RXI visited the Audubon Society of Greater Denver near Chatfield State Park to do some cool hands-on activities in riparian areas. Students worked to discover what lurks beneath of surface of the water (macro-invertebrates!) and sharpened their classification skills by deciphering scuds from mites, mayflies and stoneflies. SOLE students then rotated to another wetland area where water quality was chemically tested in the field! 4th graders gathered data such as temperature, pH, and turbidity, and measured potential contaminants before ultimately concluding Waterton Canyon is a pretty great place to grow up without a spine.

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