Vista PEAK Elementary


SOLE Students Have a Hoot with Audubon Society of Greater Denver

April 19, 2016


Stealthily, a ninja snuck into the classroom. She was not seen nor heard, lurking in the shadows until bounding outward toward the students. How could this be possible? No differently than an owl does it!

Educators from the Audubon Society of Greater Denver  visited Vista PEAK to introduce them to the amazing, mysterious world of owls. It turns out that these feathered friends are quite similar to ninjas— camouflage, stealth, impressive weaponry, unrivaled sight & hearing, and incredible speed.

After learning about owls’ amazing adaptations and ways we can conserve these animals, SOLE students got the opportunity to dissect owl pellets! Despite some initial cringes and “ewwwws,” students dove into the pellets with hands, tools, and magnifying glasses. A slew of bones and skulls hid amidst the debris. Using a guide, students matched each bone to possible prey… And even got to take their bones and pellets home!

Next time you’re out in the woods and hear that familiar hoot, take a moment to appreciate this animal’s ninja abilities. And remember…. pellets are puke, not poop!