Caliche Elementary

Family Nature Night Fun at Caliche

March 24, 2017

Caliche Elementary was the host for Family Nature Night and the place was packed! Students and their families gathered inside to try archery, fish casting, and the great migration game.

A generation of birders was born when students learned how to identify different birds using binoculars. The great migration game also taught students how many obstacles birds face when migrating.

Archery was a big hit as well, even with the adults. Families also enjoyed practicing their casting skills at backyard bass, just in time for the new fishing season to start! Remember to buy your 2017 fishing license, kids under the age of 16 do not need a fishing license.

Students and their families brought home great prizes from Cabelas at the raffle. One lucky family even won an annual State Parks Pass!

Everyone had a great time at Family Nature Night thanks to the Caliche Staff and Colorado Parks and Wildlife Staff and Volunteers.


Fourth Grade Fur Trappers

March 24, 2017

For the fourth graders of Caliche Elementary today is not just any day on the plains. Today staff members from Colorado Parks and Wildlife are coming for Family Nature Night, but not before they come into the classroom to teach about fur trappers.


The students get to see and touch beaver fur, what most fur trappers came to Colorado to find. They notice that the fur is slick and smooth. It is water proof, making it a great adaptation for beavers and a great way for fur trappers to keep warm in the winter months.


It’s time for a crash course in tracking. Tracking was very important for fur trappers to find beavers quickly. They needed to know what a beaver track looks like and other signs of beaver, like beaver chewed tree marks.

Next, the students imagine themselves as fur trappers and head into the library where they must follow the correct tracks to find the beaver. Not all tracks lead to a beaver however, some beavers were caught by other predators before the fur trappers got to them!

The students all find the beaver and past their fur trapping test, they are now tracking experts!

We want to thank the Caliche Staff and Ms. Yearick for all their support!

 Over The River and Through The Plains, To History Colorado!

October 14, 2016 


The 4th Grade class at Caliche Elementary arrived at History Colorado after traveling over 2 hours through the vast plains. Caliche Elementary is in the North West region of the State in Iliff where there are many farm families. The last thing they expected was to go inside and find a room that reminded them of home.

The first exhibit, Destination Colorado, gave a look into life in a small farm town of Keota.

As students pranced through the Destination Colorado exhibit, they discovered that farm life in the past was way different than it is now. “How do I work this?” one girl ask about the telegram. She could hardly believe that was how people communicated before telephones. While some students milked the cow and collected eggs, others bought products at the General Store for a surprisingly low amount.

Driving a car was a lot bumpier before the highways were paved.

Next, students attempted to be miners and tried to create a tunnel through dynamite. Mining was a challenge for all as kids attempted to push in the sticks in the right order. Finally, with help from the teacher and parents, a tunnel was made.

Student then became traders at Bents Fort and had to decide what resources meant the most to them. Should they trade their protection for food? What would you decide?

Back to the plains we went to see what life was like during the Dust Bowl. Students then sat down in a room of an old cottage out on the plains. The narrator took us through what one dust storm was like. The room shook and the lights flickered. Students left with a better appreciation for nature.

History Colorado was the perfect backdrop for the students experience all aspects of Colorado that create who we are today. Thank you Caliche Elementary Staff and Chaperones as well as History Colorado for an amazing day!

Welcome to SOLE, Caliche!

Caliche Elementary became a SOLE school upon receiving the GOCO School Yard Initiative grant.


The School Yard Initiative (SYI) aims to create school grounds that inspire more active physical play and enhance learning about nature and the environment. SYI grants support schools and local governments in constructing outdoor spaces where kids have frequent opportunities for unstructured play and outdoor learning. Schools awarded 2016 and 2017 grants also become partner schools with SOLE.