Kenneth P. Morris Elementary

Yuma Makes Memories at Family Nature Night

May 8, 2017


Despite a looming storm, Yuma families gathered in the school for an evening of nature themed fun with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Though the skies were gray, children’s faces beamed with excitement that could outshine any sun. Families shouted with delight during Backyard Bass fishing practice and gazed wide-eyed into a neighboring tank of live fish. In their own gym, students gasped with excitement as they tried their hands at archery.

Parents and kids alike laughed away at the life-size board game that mimics the challenges of bird migration. Could you fly thousands of miles while avoiding power lines, wind turbines, and predators? Down the hall, families worked together to solve wildlife trivia questions.

As always, the night culminated with pizza and prizes. Thanks to Cabela’s, many families went home with great outdoor gear such as a tent, sleeping bag, camping chair, and fishing poles. One lucky family went won an annual State Parks pass!

The only thing better than getting kids outdoors is including the entire family. The SOLE program would like to thank all of our partners, local Colorado Parks & Wildlife staff, and everyone else who made this event happen.

Yuma Students Go Batty!

May 8, 2017


Before Family Nature Night, SOLE staff visited Kenneth P. Morris’s 4th grade classrooms to do a fun, education program about bats.

Students explored bat adaptations and their importance to the ecosystem with costumes, activities, and games.

Did you Know?… 15 million Mexican free-tailed bats form a maternity colony in Texas’s Bracken Cave each summer. Before leaving her infant in the nursery with the other pups, each mother familiarizes herself with her baby’s scent and vocalizations. When she returns, she accomplishes a remarkable feat: she finds her own young among the millions of others vocalizing and straining for attention.

Students tested their own skills at finding their “baby” by using individualized calls and scent canisters. Check out the video on our Facebook page.

What a batty way to spend the morning!

 Welcome back to SOLE!

We are excited to welcome your school back to the 2016-2017 SOLE program. Check back for updates, photos, stories, and more.