Milliken Elementary

A Journey Through Time at History Colorado

February 10, 2016 

Milliken students leaped into the past with a visit to Denver’s History Colorado. Across vast grasslands and down narrow mines, students experienced what life was like over a century ago.


Students braved a dust storm and wandered through San Luis, where they played Lotería, a game similar to Bingo. Across the state, they stopped at the General Store in the 1886 town of Keota to purchase food and send a few telegrams.

The students journeyed through the plains to Bent’s Fort, a hub of activity in the sweeping landscape. They traded goods with one another using representative cards. Pelts, canteens, tools, and clothing passed from one hand to another before their excursion continued.

Without bison, many of these goods would not exist. Native Americans ensured that no piece of this animal went to waste. The students shouted with amazement as they explored how different body parts were used- a bison’s bladder made a great water bottle!

Finally, the brave souls crammed into an elevator to descend 1,000 feet down a dark mine shaft. Hammers and dynamite in hand, they blasted their way to the gold hidden below. But watch out! The blasts must occur in a specific pattern. Otherwise, the mine is sure to collapse.

Thank you to Milliken and History Colorado staff for making this an amazing journey for our SOLE students.

Family Nature Night at Milliken Elementary

November 10, 2016 

On this cool fall evening students arrived at the school with excitement of the activities- and pizza- that awaited them.
Our fantastic partners didn’t disappoint with activities for the whole family.  Some students went straight to visit our History Colorado booth which let students play Colorado bingo and use props related to our state mammal, fish, and flower for photo sessions in front of a Colorado flag.  Barr Lake State Park brought their ever popular booth for students to create their own boating safety t-shirt.
Wildlife trivia had a line throughout the evening, quizzing students on their knowledge of wildlife and habitats, with students hoping to earn a small compass or magnifying lens as a prize.
We were excited to have a great turnout of families and the support from the Milliken Elementary Staff. We had about 117 people visit throughout the event!  Thanks to our partners and school staff who came and made the event a success!

Welcome back to SOLE!

We are excited to welcome your school back to the 2016-2017 SOLE program. Check back for updates, photos, stories, and more.