Walden Elementary

Family Nature Night Fun at Walden Elementary

April 20th, 2017

Students and their families of Walden Elementary gathered together to enjoy an evening of nature themed adventure!

There were a multitude of activities for students and families to take part in, provided by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and our fantastic partners: State Forest State Park, Rocky Mountain National Park and Bellevue-Watson Fish Hatchery.

Students too aim at Archery and learned to catch fish in our Backyard Bass pond.

Our friends from Rocky Mountain National Park quizzed students and parents on their knowledge of animal scat, while State Forest State Park tested their tracking skills!

Kids learned new things at Wildlife Trivia and examined tiny fish with a fisheries biologist from Bellevue-Watson Fish Hatchery.

The SOLE program would like to thank our partners, the students and families of Walden Elementary that made this Family Nature Night a success!

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