Monterey Elementary

 Monterey Camps Out at the Great Sand Dunes

April 27-28, 2017

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Monterey students bundled up for an incredible field trip experience: an overnight camping trip at the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

Bare toes in the sand, students gleefully hiked the dunes and tiptoed through the river. Along the way, they explored the geologic history of this astonishing formation.

No camping trip is complete without s’mores! Students and chaperones escaped the chilly weather with a crackling camp fire and warm, toasty marshmallows.

The next day, they discovered even more history with a trip to the nearby Fort Garland Museum.

We hope that our SOLE students enjoyed the sights, smells, and sounds of spending a night in the great outdoors. Thank you to the teachers, chaperones, and National Park Service staff who made it happen!


Monterey Elementary Keeps Families Warm During Family Nature Night

November 17, 2016 

As the first snow of the season blew through Colorado Springs, Monterey Elementary Family Nature Night began. Everyone that walked through the front doors was excited to see what the SOLE team had planned for them. Family’s warmed up in the gym while trying archery and backyard bass casting practice with assistance from local CPW Staff.

Partners engaged families with activities and critters.The Catamount Institute brought pins that the students could decorate and wear proudly. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo brought critters such as an armadillo, a ball python and a millipede. Did you know that millipedes are important decomposers? Without them we would be surrounded my decaying debris.

El Pueblo History Museum brought tools that Native Americans made out of parts of Bison. Can you guess what they used the horn for? If you guessed a spoon, you were correct!

Families gathered in the cafeteria for pizza and prizes as the raffle numbers were called out. Students had a lot of choices thanks to Cabela’s. One family that is new to Colorado won a some camping gear, after having lost their old camping gear during their move.

The night was a great success! All the Families left with big smiles and happy memories. Thank to all the Partners that entertained including Mueller State Park, Bear Creek Nature Center and Pueblo Zoo.

With Thanksgiving being this week, The SOLE team is so grateful for our Partners, Staff and School Staff that make nights like this one such a success!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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