Beulah Heights Elementary

Family Nature Night at Beulah Heights Elementary

May 23rd, 2017

Beulah Heights Elementary students and their families banded together for an exhilarating evening filled with nature based activities!

Students and their families enjoyed an evening of nature themed fun with Colorado Parks & Wildlife and our fantastic participating partners: Pueblo Zoo, Mt. Park Environmental Center, El Pueblo Museum, High Trails Outdoor Education Center and Chico Basin Ranch.

Tables were covered with furs and skulls but each one taught a different lesson. Chico Basin Ranch revealed the connections between Colorado wildlife and ranching. Mt. Park Learning Environmental Center discussed the importance of diversity among CO wildlife and environment’s.

El Pueblo Museum explained how Native People of Colorado utilized every part of Bison. High Trails Outdoor Education Center taught students the variety of adaptations that allow wildlife to survive and thrive in Colorado. Pueblo Zoo brought live critters for the students to see and even touch!

Archery and Fishing was enjoyed by all! Even the Principle joined to test his marksmanship!

The SOLE program would like to thank all of our partners, Beulah Heights families, CPW staff/volunteers and all that contributed in making this event a success!

Field Trip Frenzy

February 6th, 2017


The fourth graders of Beulah Heights Elementary traveled all the way from Pueblo to Denver to experience the joys that History Colorado had for them. Through virtual experiences and hand on activities, the students were not disappointed.

In the Keota town, the students got to explore what life was like back when Colorado was first established as a State in 1876. Doing chores was a little different back then and the students didn’t seem to mind milking the cow or taking a ride to the general store.

The students also got a look into what life was like in Mesa Verde. Water is a precious resource back then and even today. How many gallons of water do you use in one day?

The SOLE program is very excited to have Beulah Heights Elementary join the program, and we want to thank the staff of the school and History Colorado for a great day!


Welcome to SOLE, Beulah Heights Elementary!

The SOLE team would like to welcome Beulah Heights Elementary to our 2016-2017 program. Check back in for updates, photos, stories, and more.