Ridgway Elementary

Family Nature Night at Ridgway Elementary

May 16th, 2017

With a crisp spring breeze rolling through the San Juan Mountains, Ridgway Elementary welcomes students and their families inside to enjoy Family Nature Night. The beautiful scenery did not distract the students from the partners and activities throughout the halls.

Archery and Backyard Bass were a huge hit in the gym. Students tried their hand at shooting and casting, some for the very first time!

The Bird Conservancy provided a game which gives insights into migration flyways for birds and the importance of the stop over habitats that birds inhabit while in migration. All that with just a couple of bean bags and a map!


Students learned how to age trees with the tree cookies the Forest Service brought. Tree Jeopardy made it easy for families to identify trees together.

Our friends at the Ucompahgre Watershed Partnership brought their water shed model, giving students the opportunity to see how water moves throughout the environment and how it can impact our daily lives.

Thanks to the Ridgway staff and CPW Staff and Volunteers who helped make this a spectacular event. See you next year, Ridgway!

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