Sierra Grande Elementary

A Blustery Family Nature Night at Sierra Grande Elementary

April 27, 2017 



As the strong winds of the San Luis Valley blew in, Blanca families lined up in front of Sierra Grande Elementary, waiting for Family Nature Night to begin.

Among the usual Archery and Wildlife Trivia there were a few new activities and partners waiting for students to part-take.


The Great Migration Game was a huge hit with the small and big kids! Students pranced through the life-sized “board-game” waiting to see their bird fate. Will they make it to their nesting grounds?

The Great Sand Dunes National Park provided a game of wildlife tag (predator v. prey). What a great way to demonstrate the food chain!

Fort Garland brought amazing artifacts from the fort! Can you guess what these items were used for back in the day?

Back in the Art Room, Mr. Gonzalez made a nature still life for students to paint or draw while listening to the sounds of nature. All these students are so talented. Thanks Mr. Gonzalez for providing a fantastic activity for families to cherish beyond the night.

A HUGE thanks is in order for the Sierra Grande Staff, our Partners and Local CPW Staff Conrad Albert and Cathy Brons for making Family Nature Night a special night for Blanca Families!

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