SOLE Schools

SOLE 2017-2018 Highlights

Outdoor Nature Night at Edison has Perfect Weather!

It was a perfect night for Edison students and families to celebrate Family Nature Night almost completely outdoors. The weather cooperated beautifully! Once Backyard Bass was discovered, it was full of children casting and volunteers attempting to keep poles in use with all the enthusiastic participants clamoring for more fishing! Archery in the gym was the lone indoor activity, but remained busy from start to finish. Many partners attended with a variety of fun activities to do with the families who attended. The raffle was exciting, and the free pizza was a nice treat to round out the night. Read the full story here!

Granby Hosts First Family Nature Night!

Early birds could not wait to get started on all the activities offered at Granby Elementary. Answering wildlife trivia questions, matching animals to their traits, spotting and identifying birds with binoculars, and discussing the web of life were a few ways to enjoy booths that lined the halls. Families with excited kids gathered and visited every option. The gymnasium resounded with laughter and encouragement for Backyard Bass fishers. The line for target practice remained steady, as archers aimed to land a bullseye! Read the full story here!

First Nature Night at Acres Green a Success!

Acres Green kicked off their first year with SOLE in style. Families showed up with smiles and excitement as the evening began. A surprise was waiting at the Welcome Table where Mrs. Kendall, a former teacher at Acres Green, was there to greet everyone! Activities such as archery, fishing, trivia, and history bingo were spread throughout the school, and pizza was freshly waiting in the cafeteria. South Platte Park brought invertebrates to show, and the Audubon had a great bird activity about how birds feed! Read the full story here!

Murphy Creek Begins 4th Year of SOLE with Family Nature Night!

On a lovely September night Murphy Creek students kicked off SOLE’s first Family Nature Night of the school year. It was a perfect night for some outdoor fishing with Backyard Bass on the front lawn. From start to finish it was the most popular activity of the night! Other partners brought entertaining and educational activities for the night, including archery and birding. The free pizza provided sustained students and parents alike as they grabbed a slice to munch as they toured the event. When 6 pm rolled around, a great crowd gathered in the cafeteria for info on the upcoming Outdoor Adventure Expo next weekend in Cherry Creek State Park and excellent outdoor prize giveaways! Some kids became such great experts at the outdoors that they had the opportunity to ‘run’ a table such as leading students through the mystery boxes at the Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK) table. It was an enjoyable night to remember. Read the full story here!

Salida Visits History Colorado to Kick Off the Year!

Longfellow Elementary students started this year off on the right foot by going on their first SOLE field trip in the first month of school! Getting a jump on the year meant taking all four classes on a three hour bus ride to downtown  Denver’s History Colorado. Students discovered Colorado history by visiting four different areas in the museum. Students went through what it would feel like to live through the Dust Bowl, experienced life in a small farm town on the prairie, located resources as the people of Mesa Verde once did, and became old-time miners in search silver in the mountains. The day was packed with interactive activities and hands-on learning. Everyone left the day feeling accomplished and full of new knowledge and ideas about Colorado. Read the full story here!

2017-2018 SOLE Schools

The SOLE program would not be possible without  the amazing schools, teachers, and students that we work with.  We worked with two schools during the pilot year and expanded to twelve schools throughout the Denver-metro area the following year. After that, we expanded to 25 schools in 2015-2016 and reached 35 schools in 2016-2017.

For the 2017-2018 school year, we will have 50 schools across the state!

Denver Metro Area

  • Achieve Academy (Thornton)
  • Arrowhead Elementary (Aurora)
  • Centennial Elementary (Broomfield)
  • Clyde Miller K-8 (Aurora)
  • Crawford Elementary (Aurora)
  • Edison Elementary (Denver)
  • Eiber Elementary (Lakewood)
  • Lawrence Elementary (Arvada)
  • McGlone Elementary (Denver)
  • Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment (Denver)
  • Murphy Creek (Aurora)
  • Peiffer Elementary (Littleton)
  • Pennock Elementary (Brighton)
  • Pinnacle Charter School (Federal Heights)
  • Roxborough Intermediate (Littleton)
  • Secrest Elementary (Arvada)
  • South Lakewood Elementary (Lakewood)
  • Vista PEAK Exploratory (Aurora)

Northeast Region

  • Arickaree School (Anton)
  • Caliche Elementary (Iliff)
  • Kenneth P. Morris Elementary (Yuma)
  • Milliken Elementary (Milliken)
  • Thunder Valley K-8 (Frederick)

Southeast Region

  • Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning (Colorado Springs)
  • Beulah Heights Elementary (Pueblo)
  • Beulah School of Natural Sciences (Beulah)
  • Edison Elementary (Colorado Springs)
  • Lake County Intermediate (Leadville)
  • Las Animas Elementary (Las Animas)
  • La Veta Elementary (La Veta)
  • Longfellow Elementary (Salida)
  • Monterey Elementary (Colorado Springs)
  • Queen Palmer Elementary (Colorado Springs)

Northwest Region

  • Eagle Valley Elementary (Eagle)
  • Granby Elementary (Granby)
  • Maybell Elementary (Maybell)
  • Orchard Avenue Elementary (Grand Junction)
  • Pomona Elementary (Grand Junction)
  • Sopris Elementary (Glenwood Springs)
  • Walden Elementary (Walden)

Southwest Region

  • Mancos Elementary (Mancos)
  • Paonia Elementary (Paonia)
  • Sierra Grande Elementary (Blanca)
  • Ridgway Elementary (Ridgway)